Soundz Hearing Lynchburg

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Our Services


Free Hearing Test

Come and find out if you have a hearing loss or if those people you are having trouble understanding on the phone, at Bible Study, or across the room are really mumbling. 

Hearing Aid Repair

Bring your problem hearing aids in to be repaired.

Hearing Aid Consultation

We will review your hearing test that we administer or you bring  from another provider with you and discuss the results.  We will go over your options and discuss if hearing aids are truly necessary at this time.

Hearing Aid Fitting

If hearing aids are recommended for you at this time then we will review your options and help you find the right level of technology to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Hearing Aid Batteries

We have batteries available for all models. You do not need to have purchased your hearing aids from Soundz.

House Calls

We are happy to do house calls for our patients who have trouble getting out of the house.


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